About Us

We are always current on the changing quality system requirements. DeVore Technologies is a member of the US Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for QAN/QAR Compliance. TAG is a group of Engineering experts focusing on Quality Manufacturing Systems for manufacturing products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The primary purpose is to develop and transmit the U.S. position on activities or draft standards of the appropriate ISO or IEC technical committees. All TAG members attend two standards meetings per year in their country.

Quality Systems and Certifications are our core competencies. We are up to date with the latest information from regulatory bodies and International Compliance. You get real life experience with those who have been through these approvals with actual hands on experience. We are industry specialists and we know how to help you get results – quickly.

Why Use US?
  • We are a trusted source for current QAN/QAR requirements
  • Over 30 years in manufacturing and quality system certifications
  • Over 20 years in global product certification
  • Practical and hands-on manufacturing and quality systems support
  • Solid understanding of manufacturing and regulatory requirements and limitations
  • We keep it as simple as we can
  • We are part of your team and care about time to market
  • We help minimize regulatory work and provide practical and efficient solutions
  • . . . and much more